Kanban for Agile Teams Workshop

Kanban is a simple and efficient method for managing and continuously improving the flow of events in software projects and processes. Kanban enables visual tracking of the workflow, limits work-in-process, and provides continuous feedback to drive continuous improvement. Attend this workshop to know the basic concepts of Kanban and experience managing a project using this powerful technique.

In this workshop, participants will get an overview about Kanban and how to use it for managing flow of requests in software development or maintenance projects. In addition, participants will be able to compare Kanban, which is a flow-based management method, to iteration-based agile methods like Scrum, and when it’s recommended to use each one of them.

Participants will also go through many case studies, group activities and discussions, and will exercise managing a simulated project using Kanban.

Who Should Attend

Persons who are involved in managing software teams, communicating with customers, planning and staffing teams, managing throughput, etc. will find it very much valuable to attend this training.

  • Software team leaders
  • Project managers
  • Project leaders
  • Customer support engineers
  • Product owners
  • Scrum masters


  • There are no prerequisites for this workshop