Performance Evaluation for Software People

Software teams suffer from traditional appraisal methods and routine performance evaluation activities which take place in almost all organizations. The objectives of these appraisals (whether announced or not), is usually to determine financial raises, seasonal incentives, and job titles. In almost all cases, such practices demotivate individuals and undermine team values; as put by professor Edward Lawler: Performance appraisals “do more damage than good”, and “when poorly done, they create a multitude of problems”!

In this workshop, we will redefine the objectives of performance evaluation, and will understand how these objectives differ dramatically in case of team evaluation versus individual evaluation. We’ll study what intrinsically motivates software people and how non-monetary incentives nurture this motivation. Finally, you’ll be introduced to new models of salary calculation and ranking in organizations built upon trends in management like Teal Organizations and Management 3.0.

Who Should Attend

  • Middle and senior managers
  • HR Managers, HR Specialists
  • Team Leaders, Scrum Masters
  • Project/Product managers
  • Anyone involved in the process of evaluation


No prerequisites required for this workshop.